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 Parent Portal

1.1  Portal Objectives

1.      To provide role based access and visibility into student information such as schedules, attendance, assignments, grades, etc.

2.      To enhance communication between the school and the household, with the goal of improving student achievement and productivity.

3.      To remain competitive with other schools those are already using information technology to communicate with households.

4.      To ensure accuracy of student information by increasing the transparency of the information for school staff and parents.

5.      To enhance the relationship with the stakeholders and local community by strengthening engagement in school activities and student life

1.2   Provide Secure Access

The system shall provide secure and confidential access to the portal by using processes such as:

·        Login using a username & password

·        Password reset capability

·        Session time-outs

·        Account lock if multiple incorrect passwords are entered

·        Account lock if multiple password resets are attempted
Being involved in your student's academic life opens communications between you, your students and your families. Using Campus Portal for review daily attendance, behavior items and assignments aids you to be more active and aware of you child’s success.

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